New Financial Year Goals in 10 Minutes

The financial year just finished… and it is time for new financial year goals.

Here’s some quick tips to help you review the past 12 months and set goals for this new year.
It will only take 10 minutes

First step, take 6 minutes and quickly work through these 3 questions…
What has worked well.
What has not worked.
What needs to improve.
Aim for streaming answers, like a brainstorm, rather than ‘thinking’ on them. Let the pen or your typing just flow. Let your subconscious answer the questions rather than your head.

Next step, with your 4 minutes left…
List 4 things:
The overarching goal for the next 12 months. Then list the 3 goals you need to achieve, that will enable your overarching goal.

For example….
1. $X in profit by June 2021
2. X new customers a month.
3. Recruit a sales manager
4. Systemise our sales pipeline.
The first is the overall main goal, 2-4 are the enablers to achieving the overarching goal.

Just 10 mins and you are done.

Watch my Quick Goal Setting Video below


The next step will need more time where you review what you jotted down and get some goal setting in place. You can use my quick goals setting formula with your team and create the plan with assigned helpers to make it happen.

Make this new financial year your best ever.

Good luck



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