Your succession plan and exit strategy determines the value of your legacy.

Succession Planning

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Whether retirement is 30 years away, just over the horizon or not in your game plan at all, succession planning is vital to safeguarding the viability of your business. Life happens and you need to plan for the unexpected. Divorce, accidental injury, a split with your business partner: all could send your business into disarray.

In every organisation, succession planning is complex. In family enterprises the business complexity is further entangled by personal relationships and emotion. Family business exit strategies must balance two often conflicting demands: economic security for the next generation, and financial freedom for the older generation.

Sean has worked with numerous multi-generational family businesses and understands the unique challenges. He works with all stakeholders, including family, staff, clients and advisers to understand and evaluate succession options and business value. He investigates all family members’ needs and expectations, business performance trends, strengths, opportunities and objectives to design succession plans specific to your business, personal and family needs.

Succession planning, particularly in a family business setting, is not something you should leave to your accountant or lawyer. It requires an in-depth understanding of the “art of business”, combined with strong negotiation and conflict management skills. Sean brings all of these to the table.

Want to hand over the reins in a way that secures your legacy? Ready to ensure the continued success of your business? Need help unscrambling business and family demands? Get in touch and ask Sean how he can help you to design and implement a well-structured succession plan to secure your family and business future.

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What People Say

Mark Pelt

Advanced Technology

I’ve never had that much staff engagement than we have at the moment. And my wife who is also my Office Manager, has finally managed to take two days off every week. So she doesn’t need to be there all the time. I myself have managed to take a day off a week where I...

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Stephen Rafferty

Specialised Solutions

I have had the pleasure of working with Sean and mutual clients. Sean is a passionate and inspirational facilitator, business coach and leader. His approach is to develop his clients into autonomous learners. He achieves this through teaching them the skills required to problem solve, not to become dependents. Under Sean’s coaching, clients are encouraged to think...

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Dan McKemmey

McKemmey & Co

One of Sean’s greatest attributes is that he is not afraid to bring out the tough questions and then bring our team together in a controlled environment to answer these questions. In a business of many and varied personalities, he has kept the family together, put succession/estate planning in place and we all still sit...

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Bill O’Connell

Kelly Grains

Sean was engaged as our “business coach” to formalise the structure within the existing business at Kelly Grains with directors & senior staff. His brief was to implement regular reporting by Executive and Departmental mangers with action based meeting outcomes. As a result we now have an improved professional approach to all aspects of the...

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