Can you step out of your business without chaos taking over?

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Building Better Business Systems

If you can’t step out of your business without chaos descending, then you don’t have effective operating systems in place.

Your business already has systems and processes, whether created hit and miss by default or carefully designed. These are the tasks that are repeated over and over and are core to the functioning of your business.

Weak, seat-of-the-pants processes are not only inefficient and costly, they will keep you busy fighting fires night and day. There’s no time to think, grow or just relax with the family. There is a better way!

Sean works with you to streamline and document effective and efficient systems and processes, creating a business blueprint to take your business forward. Working with you and your team, he helps to identify ways that processes can be simplified and improved, analyse how different processes impact on one another and establish a framework for continuous improvement.

Your business blueprint becomes a key asset of your organisation, differentiating you from your competitors and readying your team for growth.

Communication becomes streamlined, eliminating siloed working and encouraging collaboration. Business knowledge transfer is supported, so staffing changes are no longer a threat to the business. Your organisation becomes more customer focused and responsive, improving customer retention. Safety, security and compliance are all improved. As productivity improves, your costs reduce and your profitability increases.

Want a business that won’t descend into chaos when you take a break? Ambitious to grow, but want to avoid stress and minimise risk? Get in touch and ask Sean how his business blueprinting process and Standard Operation Processes (SOP) training sessions can help you and your business.

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What People Say

Nigel & Kate Kerin

Kerin Ag

Sean is a strong, systems-focussed character who is very knowledgeable on a range of subject areas that impact small business. He is an excellent communicator and a captivating educator. One of Sean’s great attributes is being able to identify the weak link in a business, and the processes needed to address this. He brought accountability...

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Fiona Jeff

Quality Accounting

I would suggest engaging Sean as a coach/mentor if you are feeling like you are working too hard in your business and feeling like you need a fresh approach to the way you operate your business.  If you have concerns about productivity and whether your business is operating in the most efficient manner.  If you...

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Peter McFadyn

Galambila Aboriginal Health Services Inc

We were having a lot of meetings and not getting a lot of output from them.  So, Sean was brought in to look at our meeting rhythm and to introduce a better way to have those meetings….  We still hold to that meetings structure.  It’s still a highly successful meeting structure  for us.  It hasn’t...

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Tom Baker

Advanced Technology

We were lacking on focus and we didn’t have a good direction…we were working really hard but at the same time the returns were not really justifying what we were getting.  Now every month we’re returning a solid profit and we know where it comes from and why we’re getting it.  

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