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Who cares about it . . . Everyone does!

Sean Martyn @ Business By Design shares his insight into why product packaging is so important.

We help you find what you need

Business By Design doesn’t work with everybody . . . our network allows us to direct you to the right place if we are not able to help you.

It’s time to choose one . . . we can help

Sean Martyn explains why we need to focus, by doing less we achieve more.

Now – Where – How Business Planning Steps

What are the key components to ensuring business success? Sean Martyn from Business By Design discusses a 4-step process to Business Planning

Are they your A class?

The key to a business that works for you is having A class clients, find out why?

Is your business agile?

Sean Martyn from Business By Design discusses being agile – a combination of speed & stability together – being able to act like a start-up but having the stability of... Read more

Don’t Leave Business Change to Chance

Who wants things to change in their business? We all do but how do you do it successfully & why does it fail sometimes? Sean Martyn provides a diagnostic tool... Read more

Don’t grow your sales . . . what the ???

Sean Martyn from Business By Design debunks the business growth paradigm that sales is the main driver of business growth.

Less Work, More Advocates

Sean Martyn explains by not working with people you can have a strong referral base.

Do you own a business . . . or a job?

Sean Martyn explains how many business owners need to shift their thinking and ways of operating to be a true business owner

Underperformance is not permanent

Sean Martyn explains to a group of clients why under performance in your team is not permanent

Your Business Sweet Spot

There are 2 types of Business . . . Those that are built by default & those that are created and grow by design! Our Business Success Model will help... Read more