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Coach | Consultant | Trainer

Over two decades working across a diverse range of industries, Sean Martyn has become the Mid North Coast’s most experienced and respected business consultant, coach and trainer.

A specialist in the “art of business”, he has successfully helped business owners in varying stages of the business lifecycle: from start up, to established national or global brand to multi-generational family business.

A passionate coach and trainer, Sean goes to the root causes of your business hurdles, and works with you to implement necessary change quickly and efficiently. He also nurtures your self-confidence, leadership and business skills to equip you personally to face business challenges and enable you to better balance your work and family time. He can bring your entire team along with you, through training programs to optimise internal systems, foster leadership and enhance sales skills. The result is business success without sleepless nights and anxiety-filled hours away from your family.

Sean understands the significance of family in all businesses. As a husband and father of three daughters, he appreciates that most business owners and executives are ultimately working to ensure their families are safe and thriving. Working with you to overcome business challenges and realise exponential growth, he will never forget the need to balance business success with love of family.

Working with Sean can feel tough at times. He will challenge your long-held beliefs, provide feedback you’d rather not hear and hold you to account. If you are looking for someone to make you feel good about what you are already doing, then save your money.

If you want a business partner to develop you personally and professionally and enable you to realise ambitious business goals and life balance, then get in touch.

Build A Balanced Life

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5 Things To Know About Sean

I believe you can design your business to give you profits AND freedom.

Sean keeps you focused on the high impact activities, saving time and promoting growth.


I believe anyone can learn to be a great leader.

Sean works with you to develop and hone your leadership skills.


I will hold you to account.

Sean helps you to stay focused, avoiding distraction and procrastination.


I'm not for everyone

Sean can be tough: challenging your beliefs and excuses.


I’ve got your back.

When times get tough, Sean will be in your corner.


Solutions Team

Business is a complex art. Sean has carefully vetted partnerships offering specialist expertise in a range of business tools and disciplines. Once your plan for success becomes clear, these experts can help you to execute effectively.

Nikki Tomasoni

Chief Customer Success Officer

Jodie Hodges

Customer Success Support

Tess Daintree

Customer Success Support

Cassandra Ball

Customer Success Support

James Mason

Mindshop Portal Architect

Andrew Hodges

Harrison Assessments Specialist

Mike Boyle

Sales Specialist

Allan Parker

Negotiation & Communication Specialist

James Atkins

Marketing Strategy Specialist

Glen Knight

Lean Specialist

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