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As a business owner you are ambitious to grow and flourish but often exhausted by the constant demands. How can you reach higher without being consumed by the process?

Sean Martyn leverages his wealth of business and coaching experience to help you sharpen your focus and concentrate on the activities that will achieve the biggest results.

Sean works with you to clarify your business vision, ensuring it fits with your personal purpose and aspirations. With a clear, consistent focus you will make better decisions. Instead of spinning your wheels, you can concentrate on the activities that deliver the greatest reward. Rather than making impossible demands on yourself, you will start setting realistic expectations.

As your coach, Sean acts as a compass: always there to provide guidance and feedback and keep you and your business on course. He will open your eyes to blind spots, open your mind to new habits and ideas, close knowledge gaps and act as a sounding board. In partnership you will devise and implement action plans, solve problems and design a business that works for you.

Accountability is key to success, but as a business owner it can be all too easy to sidestep. Expect Sean to hold you to account and make you confront your own performance indicators. You will find yourself consistently walking the walk. That’s not only great for your business results, it also builds personal confidence and leadership skills.

Whether you are seeking to take your business to another level, realise exponential growth, improve profitability or take a step back from day-to-day operations without jeopardising results, Sean’s coaching and guidance will help make your big, impossible-looking goals achievable.

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What People Say

Murray Binet

BINET Constructions

Sean cost me less than a first year apprentice and he has helped me double my turnover and triple my profit…most apprentices won’t do that!

Nigel & Kate Kerin

Kerin Ag

Sean is a strong, systems-focussed character who is very knowledgeable on a range of subject areas that impact small business. He is an excellent communicator and a captivating educator. One of Sean’s great attributes is being able to identify the weak link in a business, and the processes needed to address this. He brought accountability...

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Fiona Jeff

Quality Accounting

I would suggest engaging Sean as a coach/mentor if you are feeling like you are working too hard in your business and feeling like you need a fresh approach to the way you operate your business.  If you have concerns about productivity and whether your business is operating in the most efficient manner.  If you...

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Sarah Furney

Ben Furney Flour Mills

The ultimate measure of Sean’s impact is that within 8 weeks of employing Sean I was confronted with the challenge of needing to take maternity leave as CEO. I can now say that as result of the change’s we have instigated together in the following 6 months, I am now confident in my management teams...

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