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Biggest Challenge in our Generation

Cometh hour, cometh the man/woman!

As we face the biggest challenge in a generation there is a shining light and some insights from 1912 that may just make a difference.

Surprisingly, more than 5,000 people applied for positions after this ad by Ernest Shackleton which appeared in the London Times in 1912.


For Shackleton and his crew of 27, the notice proved to be prophetic. When their ship was crushed by the ice in Antarctica, the men struggled to survive against seemingly insurmountable obstacles. For nearly two years, they endured extreme temperatures, hazardous ice, dwindling food, complete isolation and long periods of darkness. Despite the odds, every man survived. This was certainly a crisis environment.

The book and training program Leading at the Edge draws on this amazing account to reveal the power of effective leadership and teamwork under adversity. It uncovers ten lessons from the Shackleton expedition and uses contemporary business case studies to show them in action.

More and more business leaders have discovered that Shackleton’s saga and its lessons provides an exciting and powerful case study against which they can examine today’s business challenges, like the current situation we all now face.

Leadership at the Edge explores Ten Strategies for Success in adversity from the expedition – strategies that make all the difference between leaders and teams that succeed and those that fail in times of uncertainty, adversity and change.

The 10 Strategies are:

1. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal, and focus energy on short-term objectives.

2. Set a personal example with visible, memorable symbols and behaviors.

3. Instill optimism and self-confidence, but stay grounded in reality.

4. Take care of yourself: Maintain your stamina and let go of guilt.

5. Reinforce the team message constantly: “We are one – we live or die together.”

6. Minimize status differences and insist on courtesy and mutual respect.

7. Master conflict – deal with anger in small doses, engage dissidents and avoid needless power struggles.

8. Find something to celebrate and something to laugh about!

9. Be willing to take the Big Risk.

10. Never give up—there’s always another move.

These are wonderful strategies, so relevant for you as a leader today as you navigate these uncertain waters. I have attached a supporting article you might find useful – Click Here

Regards Sean