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Avoid the sheep dip at all costs

Are you sheep dipping your business leaders . . .

Have you ever seen sheep dipping?

The video below is quick visual of what I am talking about . . .


So what is the correlation between a sheep dip and your business leaders?

It is simple really, as we have all experienced what I call ‘sheep dip training’.

Remember the time you sat in a room with a number of professionals where the trainer at the front spent hours feeding you information . . . huge amounts of information . . . over a couple of days or more. By the end of the course you where exhausted and your brain was full to the point, it felt like, it was going the explode!

Then when the course was over you go back to work, back into the daily routine until you run into a problem and you try to recall the information you learnt at the course you did, as you need it NOW!

Well that is sheep dip training!

In a nutshell you dip business leaders into a vat of information and resources (hold them there for some time) then pull them out, shake them off and hope that all the lessons learnt stick!

The problem is often the return on investment is zero!

The chart above explains how without follow up support, intensive training quickly looses its impact. To the point that without practice, coaching and follow up at day 14 only 20% of the learning sticks!

With the right balance of short intense bursts of training supported by regular coaching & follow up the retention is much higher making the investment much more worthwhile.

Here are my tips on what to look for when choosing your leadership development program for you and your team:


1. Tailored to your business needs not off the shelf

2. Just-in-time training that enables greater retained learning, not just in case!

3. Collaboration and shared best practice within the group, learn from each other

4. Real time problem solving to fix learning blockages, not fake case studies

5. Online & social platform for group collaboration and networking

6. Regular workshops focused on real & timely business and individual needs

7. Flexible in design to accommodate for different learning styles 

8. Cost effective with a mechanism to track participation and record outcomes so you can measure your return on investment

9. Coaching support to facilitation implementation with a highly skilled coach with a track record


Follow these 9 steps next time you are planning professional development in your business and you will avoid the sheep dip!


Sean Martyn


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