You’re not a super hero

So many of the business owners I run into are stuck doing everything themselves, and I mean everything.

Selling, accounting, admin tasks — it all falls on their shoulders, both work they love and work they hate.

I don’t care who you are, nobody can do it all without the quality of both their business and personal life, suffering dramatically. Plus we want to work in our Genius, it makes work loads more fun.

There’s no secret way to do it all yourself and maintain a healthy business and lifestyle.

The real secret is to learn what tasks you need to focus on and which ones to let go of.

This is where The Activity Audit shines.

Seriously, in three steps this thing will change your life.

It’ll help you hand off the tasks you don’t want to someone who’s capable and eager, and it consists of three steps:


Step #1: Review your current position description

I don’t mean your actual position description as it looks on paper.

I’m talking about the list of things you actually do.

Ask yourself what roles you play right now.

What are the tasks you do each day, week, and month?

What do you do for marketing, sales, finance, learning, technology, administration, etc?

List out every single job you currently do, then pretty soon you’ll notice you’re trying to be a Super Hero.

To offload some of your tasks, the first thing is to get crystal clear about everything you currently do and literally list them out. Yes, every-single-task.

If you need help, try to imagine you are going away for a month and you need to tell me what I need to do to execute your job effectively.


Because the moment we know what’s really going on, we’re in a position to change it.

This may be a bit gruelling, but the next step is much more fun.


Step #2: Give yourself a promotion

When you look at your current list of business tasks, you’ll notice there are a ton you don’t want to still be doing 12 months from now.

We want to cull this list, so you can give yourself a promotion.

When you get promoted, the idea is that you get more money, more time, and more fun, and less of what you don’t love.

Then, somebody else comes underneath you to take care of the things you want to drop off, like aa assistant just for you.


Step #3: Hire a replacement

Hire someone who can take care of this stuff, so you don’t have to.

Now this is not to be a clone of you . . .as you will end up with somebody else who doesn’t like those tasks either.

What we’re doing is actually far better than a clone.

We’re hiring a replacement that loves doing the things you hate.

By doing all these steps, you can start worrying less and focus on what you do best.


Sean Martyn


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