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Would your family business survive without you?

Family businesses overlook a robust succession plan at their own peril. The reality is you need a careful approach to prepare your family and your business for a secure future.

The 2017 Family Business Survey confirmed the majority of Australian family businesses are not adequately prepared for succession with only 9% having a retirement plan. A meagre 12% have a process in place for appointing a new CEO, yet 76% expect to appoint a new CEO in 5 years.

Not surprisingly the vast majority of family businesses have experienced tension or conflict between family members in the past year. The good news is family businesses with documented retirement plans for the current CEO are significantly less likely to experience conflict.

As a family business owner, you may want to move on and hand over to the next generation one day, but how do you do it? After all, you want a smooth transition for everyone involved.

A professional succession plan is vital for a number of reasons:

  • Safeguarding the viability of your business when a key person retires or leaves,
  • Ensuring a seamless handover ensuring your family relationships remain intact, and
  • Providing economic security for the younger generation and financial freedom for the older generation.

Kelly Grains is one successful business who have secured their legacy.

Over four generations, the Kelly family has built a strong, grain storage business in the Southern Riverina, and are proud of their reputation for stability. Chris Kelly engaged Sean Martyn at Business By Design to develop a succession plan and an improved management structure.
We made the decision to pass the business through the family, onto my son Matt, but we weren’t sure how, so we needed some assistance,” explains Chris Kelly. “What Sean has helped us with is not only the succession but improving the management of the business and reporting…He is quite perceptive to understanding the personal considerations and adapting to individuals…The CEO role has now passed onto my son Matt and I am in the role of Chairman. We are now a long way down the path of succession.”
For more information on the Kelly Grains Succession Project click on the image above.

Don’t leave it to your accountant or lawyer.

They may be managing your financial concerns and legal compliance, but do they have the people skills to negotiate a successful transition to the younger generation? Succession planning is often complicated by the sensitivity of relationships and emotions. This demands working with the stakeholders in your business, from family members and advisers to staff and clients, requiring a specific set of skills in negotiation and conflict management.

Take the first step. Ask the experts.

At Business By Design we look at your family members’ needs and expectations combined with the key business objectives to develop a succession plan for a seamless handover. Sean Martyn has a track record spanning two decades of advising and coaching businesses, and knows the unique challenges families face with a multi-generational business structure.

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Let us help you get the succession and  transition of your family business right to maintain the business legacy you have worked so hard to achieve.

Sean Martyn & Nikki Tomasoni

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* More valuable insights are available in the Family Business Survey 2015