Why the Easter Bunny is a master marketer . . .

I love extracting business lessons from weird places. Recently I explored Goldilocks’ ability to run a business ‘Just Right’ and  I have even examined Santa and his scaleable business model.

Given Easter is upon us I have taken a close look at Mr Big Ears and his chocolate eggs. Here are my 10 marketing lessons every business leader can learn from the Easter Bunny . . .
  1. BRANDING – The Easter Bunny is his personal brand. That loveable face with the big ears, wide eyes with a twitching nose and whiskers, all shout Easter. The Easter Bunny has established a significant market presence and loyal customer base on his brand.
  1. HIGH DEMAND PRODUCT – Yep chocolate eggs . . . nothing more to say. Do you have a product that people want or need?
  2. GIVE FREELY – The Easter Bunny loves a give-away . . . a little egg here and egg there. Don’t be a taker. Move the free line and win your prospects over with your generosity.
  1. DELIVERS ON TIME– The Easter Bunny may be shy and elusive, but he always delivers. Would we still believe in him if he missed a year, or came late?
  1. ELEMENT OF DELIGHT – Despite hiding his chocolates eggs the Easter Bunny has a knack of providing an element of surprise and delight. What do you do to delight your customers?
  1. BUILD ANTICIPATION – I bet you have noticed all the Easter marketing material appearing with loads of lead time – not long after New Year’s Day! The Easter Bunny builds massive anticipation and even gets your kids counting down the sleeps until delivery day.
  1. DEFINED TARGET MARKET – The Easter Bunny knows his marketing avatar. Let’s face it there is not one kid (even the big ones) that doesn’t know about the Easter Bunny. How well have you defined and targeted your market?
  1. PACKAGING PERFECTION – All that chocolate (eggs & bunnies) wrapped in silver paper that sparkles, in a vast array of colours, with boxes and cylinders that show a sneak peak of what is inside. The packaging is eye catching & beautifully simple. Does your packaging generate interest in your clients?
  1. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS – The Easter Bunny knows his competition and has managed to dominate the market, despite concerted efforts of the odd duck and chicken, to out compete him. Even the Bilby who would be the closest rival in Australia can’t quite cut it. Have you analysed your competitors lately?
  1. BELIEVABLE PRODUCT – Bunnies don’t lay eggs, let alone chocolate ones! . . . yet the Easter Bunny has every child thinking it is possible. What are you doing to ensure your clients believe in your product or service?

So, there you have it. My list of 10 marketing lessons from the Master of Marketing . . . The Easter Bunny.

Which of the Easter Bunny’s marketing lessons will you focus to help grow your business?

On behalf of the team at Business By Design, we wish you a safe, relaxing and Happy Easter!

Sean Martyn

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