Who’s got the monkey?

We recently shared this article with one of our clients struggling with managing their time and the continuous demands of the team they managed. This is a great Harvard Business Review article that has been around for some time on the art of delegation. This version has commentary from Stephen Covey and well worth reading.

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Note – We also felt this was a nice way to also acknowledge the Chinese New Year of the Monkey

Things to know about the Year of the  Monkey

Element: Fire

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Direction: West

Lucky Hours: 3 – 5 pm

Lucky Numbers: Four (4) , Six (6) and Nine (9)

Lucky Flowers: Crepe Myrtle and Chrysanthemum

(Source: 2016 is Year of the Fire Monkey: 10 Things to know By Janice Somosot on December 30 2015 4:27 PM)

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