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What personal sacrifices are you making for your business?

Every successful entrepreneur has made sacrifices to build their business.
Growing & scaling a business is demanding, which often sees you prioritise ‘work first’ and sacrificing other life pleasures.


However, the sacrifices you make to succeed are not supposed to be endless, yet every day I see business owners making sacrifices. These sacrifices include your Health, your Sleep, your Free Time and your Family time.

TSheets By QuickBooks commissioned a study on the sacrifices business owners make, which found:

 ~ 50+ hour weeks are the norm for 50% of business owners

 ~ 41% work weekend weekends regularly

 ~ 43% have put their own money into the business

 ~ 1 in 3 say business is prioritised before family and social time

 ~ 62% say work keeps them up at night at least once a month

 ~ Sick days and vacations are rare for many business owners

 ~ Over 52% say they could earn more money working elsewhere


Are you one of these statistics?

There is a common misconception to grow your business is to give up more of your life. To work harder; produce more; turn up the treadmill even faster. Award-winning business owners, that have the best of both worlds, don’t go it alone. They recognise that to achieve excellence they need support, guidance and maybe even someone to push them outside their comfort zone.

At Business By Design we can show you a better way to run and grow your business without the ‘hard’ work, stress and sacrifices. A Business By Design coach will help you to work less, by making your business to produce more. This means empowering your staff, implementing systems, and focusing the company’s resources of time, attention and money on those fewer things that yield the highest returns.

Essentially our formula for growing and scaling a business the right way doesn’t require you to do more of what you know, instead it requires that you stretch to do less. Ensuring that the ‘less’ that you and your staff do, matters more.  This ensures the short-term success of your operations and for the longer-term innovation of your business as is grows.

To stop making personal sacrifices and start the changes needed in your business, is really easy . . . simply book a ‘Game Plan Kick Off Call’ with my Client Success Manager – Nikki, she is great at working out how we can best help you.



Working harder and longer is a limited road. Making more and more sacrifices isn’t a sustainable practice. If you are sacrificing your Health, your Sleep, your Free Time and your Family Time to grow your business like the stats I have shared then it is definitely time to change.


Sean ‘No more sacrificing’ Martyn


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