Top 10 business leader insights for 2016

Every year most experienced business leaders start off by reflecting on the year that has passed and asking:

“What are the trends, opportunities and challenges I may face this year and what are the right strategies needed to achieve our growth and profit targets?”

The thought process that follows is informed by reading articles, talking to the team, reflecting on what worked and what didn’t over the past year and meeting with customers. Often this leads to excitement regarding various opportunities, but also information overload followed by confusion over what to implement first, and finally procrastination as the day-to-day workload once again kicks in.

Each year Mindshop conducts a study with its global community of leaders and advisors to gather feedback on these emerging business trends, training needs, industry opportunities and challenges for the years ahead. 128 experienced business leaders and advisors have contributed to the 2016 study. Click on the image below to read the whitepaper.

Insights 2016 Image

The results highlighted the Top 10 business leaders’ insights. Some of these insights and strategies will be commonsense for you, some you may be already implementing and others will force you to adapt your thinking.

Top 10 Business Leaders Insights

Some business leaders take on board trends and insights in a methodical manner, continuously adapting their strategies based on what fits with their vision, but most do nothing, with the result being ‘ground hog’ years with minimal change to their businesses.

Regardless of what camp you are in, the business environment globally is changing rapidly and leaders need to be ready to adapt. Understanding the top 3-4 insights to focus on in your business or division in order to achieve your growth targets in 2016 will be critical for your success.

As you review these Top 10 insights ask yourself:

Where are the 3 biggest gaps in my business?

Ensure these are then addressed using the suggested strategies as you update your plans for 2016.


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BONUS – Listen to James Mason, Managing Director, Mindshop explain the key insights and strategies for business leaders in 2016.

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