Time to stop, check & correct

Here at Business By Design we are huge fans of celebrating success. There is nothing like having a strategic plan and reaching a goal . . . and the YES when a project or task gets the ‘done tick’. It can be so rewarding.

Having a strategic plan is important for business success.  There are 5 reasons why a good strategic plan is important according to the Drivers Model;

  1. sets the direction and priorities of the business
  2. gets everyone on the same page
  3. simplifies decision making
  4. drives alignment of time and resources
  5. communicates the businesses future

So what happens when you are not achieving the goals and your plan is not working?

It is time to STOP, CHECK & CORRECT. These 3 words can make a huge difference to achieving your goals, in all areas of business, and your personal life for that matter.

At the end of the day if you are partway through a plan and struggling to achieve a goal, don’t keep slugging away, simply STOP CHECK & CORRECT.

So what do I mean?

Stop: simply stop what you are doing – it is time to take a break from the activity and look at the strategy.

Check: Take some time to check the strategy behind what you are doing?  Reflect on what is working and not working? Ask can it be done better, is there an alternative way? Is this the right track?

Correct: Make a change, approach the goal differently or change the strategy and/or goals if needed.

This process is a review measure that we encourage you to do quarterly or when you are stuck, especially if you are stuck. No goal or plan is fixed in cement, we do like to see them written down though! So take charge of your goals and revisit your plan often.

Remember we all set goals and make plans to grow and improve our business, yet these plans may need to change, as things around us change.  So as we come to the close of another year and we start looking to a fresh start in 2016, NOW is the time to stop, check & correct.

Our end of year gift to you is a free One Page Business Plan Template. Use this to redesign your current plan or create a new plan for 2016! It is yours free, simply click on the link below.

One Page Business Plan

As an added end of year bonus to help you perfect your plan below is a great video, by our colleague Michael Burke, explaining how to write your plan.

One Page Business Plan

Now if you are finding planning difficult or you have a project that you might need help with, we are here to assist. Simply give Nikki a call and she will line up a complementary coffee meeting to discuss your plans.

Happy planning
Sean Martyn & Nikki Tomasoni


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