The Success Equation is . . . Value to others

Over 25 Business Leaders had a great morning at our Business Leaders Forum at Cex.Coffs  – Coffs Harbour today. The topic was The Success Equation and we explored some research by Chris Mason from Mindshop on the Value To Others (VTO) concept and learnt that VTO a pathway to business success, as we empower others and ourselves.

“If you focus on the needs of others you lift your personal feeling of self-worth, if your self-worth is high then you are less likely to self-sabotage yourself; and if you reduce your self-sabotaging behaviour your personal success will increase” – Chris Mason Founder Mindshop

We took a deeper look at Values and the 4 types being Core Values, Aspirational, Permission-to-Play, Accidental and discovered how some businesses are ensuring their values are integrated across all aspects of their business. We then challenged our leaders to take a fresh look at their values and the message they are sending to their teams, customers and wider community.

The group then explored specific strategies to drive personal success and this generated some great debate. First was a special Forces principle – carry your wounded, but leave the stragglers.  we defined what constitutes a straggler compared to wounded.  Then there was discussion on the relative value of tenacity versus IQ. The later a commodity that we can purchase, yet tenacity must be ingrained.

Finally we pulled it all together with a “Mastermind” process on our most pressing business challenge and then took what we learnt throughout the day and each created a 90 day  “project placement” ready to start to implement immediately

Here is what some of the participants had to say:

“It was great to reflect on the authenticity of the values associated with our work, and use this platform to devise ideas for adding value to different customers and staff.”Nicole Yeates, Manager, Green Light Human Capital

“As usual Sean has delivered practical useable tools & resources so you have actions that can be implemented immediately on return to your business rather than a set of slides that just get put on a shelf in the office.”Natalie Power, Director, Powerful Accounting & Taxation

“I loved the introduction of the mastermind, which gave me a few insights into my business problems and I love the project placemat. I will use this system in the future. Thanks very much.” Danni Auch, Director, Life Success Coaching

“Biz By Design brings tools to life and helps you to implement and get traction in the business. I can recommend getting on board with Sean and team and you will achieve results.” Tom Baker, Director, Advanced Technology

“It really made me consider my personal  “value proposition” and what that means to others:”Alison Blanshard, National Australia Bank

“This workshop was incredibility valuable !!! I got a lot from ‘The Project Placemat’ and will definitely use this on an ongoing basis. Very simple, straight forward, logical project management tool.” Donna Alderman, Owner, ACN Fun & Freedom 4 All


The next forum is planned for the 3 November 2017 where we will again work collaboratively on key business challenges, share ideas and insights to help business leaders to grow their business, their people and themselves.

About the Business Leaders Forum: The quarterly Business Leaders Forum is one aspect of how we work with our clients to achieve their individual and business goals. It supplements our core advisory and coaching work where we help develop and implement strategy, as well as problem solve around current opportunities and challenges within their businesses. Additionally, clients supported through access to Mindshop Online where they have 24/7 access to a wide range of tools, online courses and resources.

If you are interested in being part of this unique, invitation only group and gaining my support to drive the growth of your business (and you as a leader) please send me a brief email to arrange a 15 min call to discuss your needs further:

Business Leaders Program

By Sean Martyn @ Business By Design


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