The secret 9/9/9 Business Formula . . .


The 9/9/9 Business Formula


Hi, Sean Martin from Business By Design. Just having my very last day of holidays before I head back to work, hence the overgrowth. Still debating whether or not I should take that off. We’ll see.

So, I’ve had six weeks off.

Didn’t go back to work during January. To me, work is about nine-nine-nine.

Nine-hour a day, which I do just nine days a fortnight, and I only do that for nine months a year.

It’s really important to me to have time away from work, where I can re-focus, re-energize, and enjoy some downtime. I start doing that about twelve years ago and I’ve done it every year since.

Nine hours a day, nine days fortnight, nine months a year.

A very good mentor of mine once told me that you can’t do a year’s work in twelve months but you can do it in nine.


Business Leaders Forum – Peak Performance

This month, our focus is going to be on leading high performance, replicating what’s been learned through the study of Formula 1 racing teams.

We’re also going to focus on how to tap into your flow state, that state when you’re at your best, on you’re A game, and we’re going to look at how intuition can be a tool to apply in business to make better decisions.

Twenty to thirty local business people—entrepreneurs—get together, learn together, share ideas, share problems, and I’d love to see you there.

So, if you like some more details, just click on the button below the video.

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