The Challenge of Leadership

Leadership can be a tricky path to master.

No one day is ever the same and working with people brings its own set of complexities including poor attitude, personality differences, taking initiative, maintaining momentum and developing trust – both amongst the team and for the team to trust you.

Sean Martyn explains why leadership can be so challenging

When we identify these challenges, there may be a tendency to associate the issue with “them”, the individual, the team. This is a simple and small way to look at an issue when in reality, at least 50% of the time the truth will often be aligned with “you”. The way you communicate, the way you lead, the way you delegate, the way you set a task.

At Business By Design, we believe there are two core components of leadership:

  1. Self-leadership: the way you grow personally and professionally to be the best leader you can possibly be
  2. Team leadership: the way you communicate, lead, mentor and encourage others to be the best they can be

There needs to be a balance between these two components because the better you are at self-leadership, the more effective you will become at team leadership.

What are some ways you can improve your personal leadership to be the change you want to see in your team?

  • Controlling time: being reliable and showing respect for others
  • Improving your skills and demonstrating personal growth
  • Limiting distractions and becoming a great listener

To truly be the best leader you can assessing your own leadership is important and that is why we developed the free ‘Leadership Optimiser’. It is designed to help you identify where to focus your leadership.


Sean Martyn
Head Coach @ Business By Design

PS: How can we help?

Business By Design has developed a program specifically designed to give future leaders the necessary insights and tools to close the skills gap, regardless of seniority or experience. In this interactive two-day workshop, we will teach your high-potential team members to:

·         Make the transition from “mate” to manager

·         Role model behaviour essential for leadership

·         Recognise the difference between managing, coaching, and leading

·         Understand the 5 levels of leadership

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