Sneak peak . . . Winning through resilience workshop

I have spent the last few days finalising the content for our upcoming Winning through Resilience workshop and I am really excited about the impact this workshop could have on your business future. It is packed with great information, resources and tools. Here is a sneak peek:

. . . We have 5 killer questions to test your business model resilience and look at parts of your business that could be simplified, augmented, leveraged, stopped or capability built in.

. . . We’ll explore how to be more customer centric using emotional connection and assess if our customers are satisfied / loyal / engaged or advocates.

. . . We’ll look at how to avoid blind spots by identifying – adapting – mitigating risk. The use a Pestel Analysis to build defences in your business from the pace of change, VUCA situations & Black Swan events!

. . . We’ll share the latest thinking on persistence and tenacity and use The Johari Window of self-awareness to improve our practices.

. . . And finally, we will pull it altogether with our Project Placemat to activate, calibrate, accelerate and celebrate your priority projects over the next 90 days.

If you are serious about your business future and keen to get 2018 off to a great start, then join us for what will be a thought provoking workshop simply click on the button below.

Sean Martyn

Phone (02) 6658 0775