From Chaos to Calm

Last week I helped a group of our clients to “PIVOT” their business model rapidly. Now they can swiftly respond and then thrive in this new world order. 

First, we worked on their immediate challenges and I showed them a pathway that took them from CHAOS to CALM. 

Once that was achieved, we shifted their focus from helping THEMSELVES to helping OTH


You see Entrepreneurs like you solve problems and the world has a lot a problems right now.

If you focus on helping your customers to pivot, adapt and then thrive . . . you will also be okay. Just shift the focus away from you and make an impact on them.

“The Pivot” is a simple framework. I thought it was worth sharing to help you approach the current circumstances a little bit differently.

The first thing to do is to think of 2 or 3 immediate dangers that your customers have right now. Maybe it is losing customers, or financial pressures, or the realisation that there old marketing and sales systems are failing etc.

The second thing I want you to do is write a word or two that represents the solution to this danger.

For example, if the danger was ‘losing customers’, then the opposite is ‘customers staying’.

Then I want you to think about 3 strategies that you could do to help them move from danger to the positive alternative.

So, we have:  Losing clients (danger) –> Clients Committing (positive)

Strategy #1

Strategy #2

Strategy #3

Now go to work with your customers / clients on those strategies. 

The right frameworks with strategies and tools are what helps move us all from CHAOS, fear and uncertainty to CALM and certainty.

Regards Sean


PS: Do you need help with your own PIVOT plan right now? Just hit reply and reach out and I’ll happily help you to brainstorm some ideas together.


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