Need a sounding board?

To say the last month has been a challenge in businesses would be putting it mildly!

Even when facing lock down or a major drop in work, small businesses are ADAPTING. The Covid 19 health concerns are one thing. But for most, the disruption to their business is a bigger worry.

Best case is a few weeks of low sales and we’re back to business as usual.  Worst case is struggling to stay afloat.

Faced with letting team members go.

Coming up short with suppliers, tax, and all the rest.

And little or no work to see you through the other side.

For some It could mean shutting up shop entirely. 


We’re all concerned about where things are headed. Nobody has a crystal ball about how it will play out.  But let me be clear.

These are NOT the end times. These ARE uncertain times.

We should hope for the best . . . and plan for the worst. 

The best (and only way) to stay ahead of this thing . . . is to have a plan.

Without a concrete set of steps to work on, it is easy to worry and fret.  Lots of energy gets wasted without moving forward in any meaningful way. Exhaustion and overwhelm means it’s more difficult dealing with everything on your plate.

We saw this crisis building over the last 6 weeks.  During that time, we rolled out a new program called “THE PIVOT PLAN” to all our clients.  As a result, all our clients have a plan and have been executing it for a month. Our clients are making huge savings on their operating costs, getting their banking relationships sorted, using available time and staff to improve systems and setting themselves to dominate when we get going again.

There are 3 parts to ‘THE PIVOT PLAN’ process.  The 3 areas you need to address right now!

????️ Protect . . . how to protect what you currently have: finances, team, existing projects, suppliers and your mental health.

????  Pivot . . . how you must change to a new way of operating: embracing the virtual world for team management, selling and marketing.

????  Potential. . . how can you unlock the once-in-a-life-time opportunities that always come with any economic shift. 

90 days from now your business will be in one of two places.  Struggling for survival. Or set up to grow and thrive in the new economy.

If you don’t have a plan it’s not too late. Simply book your pivot plan now by clicking the button below and fill out a quick questionnaire.

Tell me about you and where your business is at right now. We’ll use this information to prepare for the call and help you come up with a plan, that you can use right away to kick this thing off.

There is nothing to buy on the call.  It’ll take 15-30 minutes and we’ll see if your situation is something we can help with. 

Given what’s going on right now I feel that’s the least we can do to help, no cost, no obligations and if we can help we will.

This is definitely for you if you own or manage a small business with at least 5 and up to 50 people in your team. 

There’ll be some substantial fixed outgoings that are worrying you right now (like rent, loans, vehicles etc.). And the fast action takers will know that the window of opportunity to get on the front foot won’t last long.     

If that’s you, click here now.


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