Peak productivity gets great results

On Friday 5 May, CEO’s, business owners and senior executives met in Coffs Harbour for our Business Leaders Forum. The Forum meets quarterly for half a day to share new ideas, learn new skills and discuss best practice, all of which enable business leaders to apply the latest research and concepts to their business.

The topic for this forum was Peak Productivity and below is a list of the main take-a-way’s highlighted by the participants

– We are Owls or Fowls . . . prime work at your prime time
– Understand your growth v’s fixed mindset . . . fixed thinking is the real obstacle
– Stop using you head as the office . . . have an external brain
– Create a habit of close today & plan tomorrow
– Follow the 7 step delegation process . . . slower is actually faster
– Schedule breaks in your day to match your body energy rhythm . . . and ‘wash work away regularly
– Single task focussed . . . wear a specific hat at a specific time . . . no multitasking
– Triage your problems . . . traffic light system
– 4D’s applied to incoming tasks
– Work only in your genius
– Have a stop doing list
– Re-engineer tasks
– Delegate to an A team . . . and outsource to a VA
– Don’t manage time. Manage your focus, energy and interruptions
– Remember saying YES to one thing means you are saying NO to something else!


Our next Forum is coming up on the 11 August 2017 in Coffs Harbour. Would you like to join us?
For more information click on the link below.


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Here is what some of the participants had to say:

“Fabulous, great involvement. First time someone has stopped me and engaged me to such a wonderful way of stopping to look back and to tools for making my life simpler again” ~ Emma Makinson | Director | Coffs City Cranes & Rigging

“These workshops take me out of my business in order to evaluate my business.” ~ Sharon Scipione | Director | Bananacoast Hotbake

“I knew I had productivity challenges. This forum helped me identify new & existing challenges., New solutions and importantly to prioritise how and when to put them in place.” ~ Rod Cross | Director | Regional Finance Solutions

“Some great simple tips and techniques delivered with good humour at a good pace and real world application.” ~ Peter McFadyen | Chief Financial Officer | Galambila Aboriginal Health Services Inc.

 “Reaffirming & eye opening . . . new methods to assist in obtaining the best result.” ~ Sandra Makinson | Director | Coffs City Cranes & Rigging

 “The business leaders Forum always provides invaluable information on how to better manage your business & its people. ~ Susanne Tuennecke | Senior Accountant | Quality Accounting

 “Great format, great content, great participants, it’s really beneficial to discuss common issues with like-minded business people.” Ken Phillips | Managing Director | KPI Broking

“I feel I will be able to use the information learnt today to improve my productivity.” ~ Chris Simpson | Surveyor | Resource Design & Management

“Sean is a great presenter. . . a wealth of knowledge and is genuinely interested in your business and improvements for you personally and professionally. Congratulations on a great course.” ~ Kirsty Christenson | Practice Manager | Fresh Dental


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About the Business Leaders Forum:

The quarterly Business Leaders Forum is just part of how we work with our clients to achieve their  business goals. It supplements our core advisory and coaching work. Additionally, business leaders have access to our online coaching platform where they have 24/7 access to a wide range of tools, online courses, resources and a international forum to other business leaders.

If you are interested in being part of this unique, invitation only group tp help you drive the growth of your business (and you as a leader) please send me a brief email to arrange to arrange a meeting over coffee, my shout! –


Sean Martyn
Business By Design

Phone (02) 6658 0775