Mastering business introductions

Earlier this week I participated in a Webinar hosted by the NSW Business Chamber. The presenter was Hardeep Grin from ‘Know Your Business’ and the topic was Know your value proposition – Mastering business introduction.

At the end of the webinar there were 8 tips for your business that I thought I would share;

  • Get to know the business/customer first, before you take their money
  • People will remember the value and not necessarily your name
  • Expect opportunity through introducing yourself
  • Always improve on your business presentation
  • Eliminate your comfort zones
  • Make every call lead to an outcome
  • If you want growth, make sure you can handle it
  • Call your best customer and ask them Why they do business with you. Replicate why

These are great tips and I am sure each of us has one we could work on straight away . . . Mine is eliminate my comfort zone. What is yours?


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