Managing Under Performance


Under performance and unacceptable workplace behaviour are inevitable challenges for business owners and managers.


The problem . . .


Most approaches fail to deliver sustained performance improvement:

Many managers lack the confidence, experience and skills, so they avoid performance management altogether.

Some managers have a go – and see short term improvements followed by a fall back to previous unacceptable levels.

Others go in ‘boots and all’ and then spend weeks dealing with the fallout.

What do you do to improve the performance of every team member?

At the next Business Leaders Forum you will learn how to address under performance confidently, skilfully and appropriately.

We will explore:

– How to have uncomfortable discussions using the ‘rule of two reasonables’

– Three outcomes of performance management – and the one you won’t accept

– The golden rule: never allow someone to comfortably under-perform

– Why you are not ‘the baddy’


At the end of the 1/2 day workshop you will have a clear plan on how to boost performance and strategies to better lead your team. 

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