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Above The Line Leadership

We have all heard the sayings ‘below the belt’ or ‘low blow’ which are boxing terms, before they became common sayings. Nowadays the statements typically mean that a person’s words or behaviours are considered to be uncalled for, or unnecessary. The person crossed the line and perhaps got too personal with what they said.

In business the concept of a line that delineates between appropriate and inappropriate leadership also exists . . .

Leading above the line is an essential key to building and leading a great team. Staying above the line ensures personal integrity and team respect. 

Think of a time you experienced someone with superior leadership skills – your favourite boss or an inspirational figure in your life. What words would you use to describe them?

–       Can-do positive attitude

–       Challenger

–       Cultivate culture

–       Inspire growth and change

–       Focus on strengths

And how about the reverse . . . What types of words do you associate with someone who does a bad job in leadership?

–       Didn’t listen

–       Erratic and unpredictable

–       Not in control of emotions

–       Yes man – no follow-through

–       Talk down to people and make them feel small

At some point, every leader has spent time below the line, but mastering your ability to be the best leader you can be is a life skill. Leading above the line will set you in good stead for any role in business. It also has a flow on effect as your team will model behaviour and attitude of their leaders.

At the end of the day, you as the leader need to reflect “the behaviour you want to see in your team”. Why not download our free ‘Lead Above the Line’ download, it is a great reminder on how to stay above the line.

Sean Martyn

Head Coach @ Business By Design

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