If I gave you an extra 24 hours what would you do with it?

We often say, “If only I had an extra day to get things done”. Well, that extra 24 hours is coming very soon. . .

Our Gregorian calendar provides us with a bonus day every four years, and 2016 is a LEAP year.

Most of us will be at work on Monday 29 February so this extra day might be your opportunity to use your time to ‘get things done’. But what if we really took this EXTRA day and used it very well?

Sure, you could work more or earn more . . . or you could consider something different. Why not:

give more – donate your time for one day to a charity or community project. Remember how we feel when we give to others?

learn more – pick up a book you have wanted to read or go and learn for a day.

play more – golf, tennis, darts, bowls, checkers… just play!

explore more – engage with nature, the bush, the sea or just get out of the office.

love more – stop and have lunch with your partner and celebrate with them. Play with your kids, spend time with your parents.

Don’t just take your bonus day as given. It is time to do something different with your extra 24 hours. It is a chance to LIVE MORE

A great site to consider is the Feb29Project. I have made my pledge.

So, what will you do? Please let us know?

Regards Nikki

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