How to master your priorities

Do you struggle with your ‘To Do’ List?

Feel caught up in a constant whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities?

Wish you were more productive through the working day?

In this 10 Minute tactic I share with you a method that will help with managing your focus and tasks, and improve overall productivity.

How? you may ask.

Simply by learning to better prioritize what’s on your plate. It’s called the Eisenhower Box. Click below to see the video.

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Sure, I can appreciate that you’ve had enough talk of American presidents of late, but this approach, created by Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th U.S. president, is all about decision making and delegation.

Eisenhower used this matrix to achieve tremendous productivity throughout his career. He was popular in Office and remains one of the most respected presidents of the 20th century. Eisenhower served two terms following a very impressive military career during World War II and, despite having a lot on his plate, still found time to enjoy golfing and fishing. It all came down to the matrix he created and followed!



This method creates a clear framework with which to assess your tasks. As you can see in our free download this strategy separates actions into four quadrants:

  1. The task is urgent and important and needs to be acted upon immediately – Quadrant #1 DO
  2. The task is important but not urgent. It must be scheduled – Quadrant #2 – DECIDE
  3. The task is urgent but not important. It can be delegated to another person – Quadrant #3 – DELEGATE
  4. The task is neither urgent nor important and can be eliminated from the list – Quadrant #4 – DELETE

The beauty of this approach is that you can break daily chores down accordingly as well as using it for those longer-term plans and goals (weekly, monthly etc).

I think we’re all guilty of getting bogged down at times in a multitude of minor tasks that, when we take a closer look, don’t actually matter; they are neither urgent nor important. Think hard about what can be deleted from the list entirely – at least for today….



It also helps to keep your goals top of mind when breaking down each task. Think big picture stuff. What are you working toward? What are the goals of your business? What are the core values that drive you? This can be helpful in separating urgent from important.

For example, important ‘decide’ tasks play a part in the shape of the business but need not be acted upon right away.  However, to build your business at a strategic level you need to focus time and energy in one place being the DECIDE Quadrant if you plan to build a strong long-term business.

To help you use the Eisenhower box, we’ve also included a worksheet so you can start on this approach immediately….

Now the Eisenhower Box is just one of the management processes I use. Imagine working together to design a system that frees you from Quadrants 1, 3, and 4 forever.

Imagine only doing the things you love and are great at.

The things that make the biggest impact on your clients, your life, and your business.

Over 30 years my team and I have helped thousands of business owners like you to stop the struggle and hustle.

We are experts at keeping you in the DECIDE seat.


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