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How to lead like Zuck

Mark Zuckerberg has been names 2016 Business Person of the Year  by Fortune Magazine. Only 32 years old, Mark has built Facebook into a $375 billion worth company with $22 billion in profit and 1.8 billion users (that’s a lot of billions). Take a minutes to watch and read this Fortune article.

Two words are associated with Mark’s leadership – focused and disciplined. Adam Lashinsky (Fortune Journalist) notes:

An examination of Zuckerberg’s management approach reveals that his success rests on three pillars: his unique ability to look into the future, his otherworldly consistency, and the business discipline he has nurtured in an industry quite often enamoured of bright, shiny objects.

Lashinsky also notes Mark Zuckerberg also attributes his management technique to his training as an engineer. “For me engineering comes down to two real principles,” he told a group of Nigerian software developers this summer. The “engineering mind-set,” he said, dictates thinking “of every problem as a system” and breaking down problems “from the biggest stage down to smaller pieces.”

Take time this weekend to absorb what one of Fortune’s best writers has extracted as important lessons from the Business Person of the Year.