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How is your vision?

Let’s clarify, we are not asking about your eye sight!

We are looking (pardon the pun!) at your personal ideal or life goal toward which you aspire.

So when was the last time you considered your future vision? When was the last time you wrote it down? Have you even tried to document it?

Everyone has a vision, even if it is in your head . . . however only 5% of the population has written down their goals and vision. Therefore, it is safe to say most people struggle with this seemingly simple task.  A future is inevitable, but the type of future we enjoy is largely a function of what we decide it will be.

Most people accept the need for direction in our business and personal lives, the process of completing a vision has proved a difficult task for some. The approach that works for one person is not guaranteed to work for someone else and might just lead to further frustration. When working with clients we have found a number of different ways people have successfully been able to define their dreams.

Business By Design - Draw your vision

In this video our colleague Chris Mason, founder of Mindshop shares how he created his vision by drawing it.


The general rule with recording a vision is to start thinking broadly and non-specifically. Becoming too focused early in the process is a common mistake. Most people reported that they spent weeks, if not months, thinking broadly about their future before trying to define it.

The following list shows some of the different ways our clients have established their vision.

•    Write a short story imagining yourself as the principal character. A biography of yourself starting tomorrow.

•    Imagine it is 5-10 years hence and people you respect are talking about you and your business, but you are not present. Write down the things they say.

•    Meditate or relax. Afterwards think about a desirable future and as you do, dictate your thoughts onto a tape recorder.

•    Create a collage of photos, magazine images, etc that depict the things you’d like to see in your future.

•    Imagine you have only got one year to achieve everything you want in life. What things will take priority?

This is in no way an exhaustive list. The approach that suits you will depend on your personality and your preferred approach to problem solving. There is no ‘best’ way to develop your vision. All of these approaches can help to create a picture of a desired future that is your own. From this broad picture you can begin to mold and shape a final vision.

The task may take days, maybe weeks and for some, months to complete. This time frame is quite reasonable considering that all big journeys require months of planning and preparation to ensure success.

Your vision may be written, drawn or recorded . . . it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you believe in it, have a commitment to it and can communicate it to others. Being able to communicate your vision provides you with an opportunity for leverage as others can help you complete the journey without dragging you off course.

Now, if you find yourself struggling to record your vision then you might like to enrol in our online personal improvement course. This online course is designed to guide you through 7 easy steps to personal improvement and help you focus your vision and gain fulfillment emotionally, physically, financially, professionally & spiritually.

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Sean Martyn & Nikki Tomasoni

“Great people have a vision of their lives that they practice emulating each & every day.  They go to work ON their lives, not just IN their lives.
Edward Gerber, E Myth Revisited.