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This is an opportunity we encourage you to seriously consider.

For a number of years now the team at Business By Design have been assisting businesses owners and managers to grow and expand through government assisted business development programs, just like this one . . .

Industry skills fund – Growth Stream is now open for applications

The Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda is a major focus of the Australian Government which has seen $476 million dollars committed to the industry growth fund stream.

What does this mean for your business?

The fund aims to build a highly skilled workforce that can take advantage of new business growth opportunities and adapt to rapid technological change. This program is open to all businesses from micro business to large business and can assist with skills advice and training grant.

What kind of assistance is available?

The fund is targeting businesses which are preparing to take up growth opportunities outside of their normal day to day operations. The assistance is in two forms;

Skills Advice: To help identify opportunities and maximise training outcomes.

Training Grant: Co-investment for business to improve the skills of their workforce for an identified growth opportunity.

What is your business obligation?

Businesses awarded funding under the Industry Skills – Growth Stream must financially co-contribute to the proposed project and the contribution is dependent on the size of your business. Businesses will be required to pay the following percentage of the total project cost;

25% – Micro Business
34% – Small Business
50% – Medium Business
75% – Large Business

How to apply?

Further information is available at

Now if your business is serious about applying for these opportunities why not call us to discuss your business needs and plans for growth, we may be able to assist and help you with your application.

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