Embracing difficult conversations in family business

Dr Astrachan  teaches family business at Kennesaw State University. In this short video he describes how to improve communication skills and to make communication more effective in family businesses.


His presentation includes the following  rules for making your communication more effective as a family business;
i.   Ensure everyone has the same amount of time to talk
ii.  Create a rule regarding silence
iii. Regulate emotions and facilitate keeping the peace
iv.  Limit the number of topics on the agenda

Working with family businesses is our speciality and we advocate all that Dr Astrachan suggests to help family businesses thrive. The presentation also includes other tips and advise which is well worth watching The communication rules he discusses should be applied to all family businesses.

If your family business needs help to achieve better communication or has a difficult conversation waiting to happen connect with us today  we are here to help.

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