Dump the Performance Review . . . Do this instead

Performance management is such a red flag for businesses these days . . .

A red flag often sees one of two things . . .

#1 is the bull that runs headlong into the red flag and causes some form of damage along the way (you know the Fairwork challenges every employer wants to avoid).

#2 is the ‘scared cat’ that runs away from the red flag of staff under performing. They hide or ignore a problem that in most cases will only get worse, not better.

For many employees, a face-to-face performance review is the most stressful work conversation they have all year. Now we know that managing under performance can be particularly tricky. . . but it doesn’t have to be that way. . . watch this!





The traditional methods for performance reviews are outdated. These conversations no longer need to be so painful or time consuming.

Simply ask six very specific questions in order. You will then have a valuable conversation, that will champion and support your team and help them to improve.



It all sounds good right?


The problem is, most business leaders I work with, often need a little coaching themselves, on how to do performance management. Many leaders lack the confidence, experience, and skills, so they avoid performance conversations altogether.

Would you like to improve the performance of every team member with ease?

Buy-in and participation are critical to successful performance management and fosters a feedback-rich culture. When these conversations are conducted regularly, consistently, transparently and with ownership equally spread between the Manager and team members, it will make a truly positive difference.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all performance discussions, every conversation should promote trust, reduce anxiety, create clarity, and showcase alignment.

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Good luck




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