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Don’t leave change in your business to chance

Who wants things to change?  Who wants all these things?

Yep, absolutely we all want change.

Okay. Now, who wants to change?

A few less hands.


Here are some facts about change facing us . . .

The world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles.

Facebook is the world’s most popular media business, writes no content.

Alibaba – anybody familiar with Alibaba? World’s biggest retailer. Has no inventory or stock.


When do we normally evaluate the success of a change? At the start or at the finish?

At the finish, yeah. When all the money’s been spent. When all the efforts been invested. When all the heartache’s been burned up, when all the emotions have been expressed.

So, have you ever been involved in a debrief of a change that didn’t work?


What I’d like to suggest is that if we actually take this research, we might be able to start a change process with a diagnostic that will give us an insight into whether or not it’s likely to succeed at the start.

Before we start spending our money, time and effort. Does that sound interesting, would you like to find out a little bit more about that?


Dr Chris Mason founder of Mindshop has developed a Change Success Diagnostic that identifies your change potential as a % of success (with an ideal score for success being 78%) By simply answering some quick questions, you will;

* discover your projects change potential score
* discover which of 8 change scenarios’ you and your team fall into
* discover strategies that can be implemented to boost your change potential
* receive a PDF report emailed to you outlining the steps to change success

Why not test your next project with our free change success diagnostic. . . simply click on the button below.

Test your project now before you spend time, money and effort . . . it will save you.


Sean Martyn