Communication – How often is too often?

Without great communication, good business starts to fall apart. One of the questions we often get asked at Business By Design is how often should our teams be communicating. That is an easy answer – every single day.

Creating a strong culture of good, open and honest communication will form the backbone of a growing organisation. There should be a set structure to how this looks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. There is no excuse for any member of your team not understanding the goals, priorities and actions of the business – and where they fit within the plan.

On a daily basis, this might look like a 10 minute stand up meeting. Start off by setting the tone and intention for the day, and enable any member of the team to ask questions, provide feedback or suggest new ideas.

On a weekly basis, this may be a more formal team meeting. Either in a functional group or as a whole, to make sure that key tasks and plans are on track and progressing as agreed. On a monthly basis this may be a whole of business catch up and a beer on a Friday night. Whatever is going to work for your business is the best way to go.

In times of high change, the frequency needs to increase. Think about a great basketball game and a great team – they stop, touch base and re-calibrate every few minutes. The more information people have, the more attuned they are to the needs and demands of the business and the more they will be able to contribute and support its success.


What structure can your business put in place to improve communication in your business?


Sean Martyn

Head Coach @ Business By Design

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