TACMED Australia

‘We had some vulnerabilities in terms of systems, processes, and I was very much stuck working in the business’

Tacmed Australia was a business poised to scale when they came to us, but lacking the confidence and skills to make it happen . . . We are proud to say with our coaching and advice Tacmed Australia  went from start up to scale within 12 months with skyrocketing results.

When they first came to us the directors were stuck and unsure about the steps needed to scale their business. They running the company at the same time as being full-time first responders, clocking over 70 work hours a week and close to burning out.  The business was experiencing significant growth pain and management were a little nervous about the vulnerabilities of scaling their business and questioning if growing the business would reap the rewards they were hoping for. We have coached them to confidently;

  • supported the directors to move to full time roles in the business and implemented leadership training at the executive level
  • assisted with the recruitment of critical business roles including a financial controller, warehouse manager and sales manager and more
  • expand their existing operations with standardised procedures
  • targeted their marketing directly towards their ‘A class’ customers being more focused and responsive to this group which saw the evolution of 9 services specifically meeting their client immediate needs
  • manage communications and decision making internally so there was less procrastination and more action.

The business is now thriving, as evident in the accompanying info graph. The business has gown significantly with a 40 team members and they are readying for the second growth phase of the business


Business to Business & Consumer Services


Veteran owned and operated business.


• Business coaching • Financial management • Strategic planning • Goal setting • Business blueprinting • Sales & marketing plan • Recruitment & HR Management



“Tacmed Australia is a veteran owned first aid company. We specialize in bringing the lessons learnt on the battlefield and supply the equipment and training to first responders who work in high threat, austere and complex environments.

We were seeing rapid growth in a really short period of time and our hobby business had well and truly moved into a legitimate business, as I’d like to say. We had some vulnerabilities in terms of systems, processes, and I was very much stuck working in the business, and not on the business. So apart from helping us set up some systems and processes, Sean was really good in making me accountable. On top of that, Sean obviously has many years of business experience, so he had a vast network of people. If we had a problem, he’d either gone through it himself or had clients that had gone through it. So he had a network of people that could help us with solutions to our problem. S

The results we received from the business coaching was just a lot of clarity, where we were, on where we are, and where we’re going. Not just clarity for myself, but clarity for the team. Some of the other results we achieved was moving me from a part-time role essentially working two full-time jobs, to me working full-time on the business. One of the other directors also came onboard full-time.

Our team grew from one full-time and a bunch of part-time people, to 12 full-time employees and double that in casuals. We had systems, we had processes. Substantially increased our revenue. But not just the revenue number, but also our profit margins.

If you’re considering engaging Business By Design for business coaching services, I’d say just go ahead. I mean, you’ve worked all this time in your business and some maybe on your business, but it’s going to help work on you as a person and as a business owner/entrepreneur and hold you accountable. Sean doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but he tells you what you need to hear, and that’s really going to benefit you and your company in the future.”

~ Jeremy Holder | CEO | Tacmed Australia



2020 Veteran’s Employment Awards – Finalist

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