Powerful Accounting – The Power of “No”

Natalie says she owes her business success to Sean Martyn. His mentorship changed everything. Natalie went from feeling completely overwhelmed to gaining control of her business. She now finds herself with a great client list and plenty of time for travel!

Natalie Power is in a terrific and fulfilling place in her life. She loves helping clients to build their wealth and to create a great retirement, and she’s also found a way to run her business whilst allowing time for the things she loves, namely family and travel. But that balance took work and she’s the first to admit she wouldn’t be in the position she’s in without Sean Martyn from Business by Design.

Natalie first crossed paths with Sean several years ago. They were attending the same business networking group in Coffs Harbour and much of what Sean was saying about his ability to help people in business resonated with her.

At that stage Natalie had been in business about 18 months (she started her own business in October 2014) and was really struggling. She could identify many of the same ‘pain points’ that he addressed.

Creating the Business

It’s wonderful to talk to such an open and intelligent woman who isn’t afraid to admit how challenging she was finding things. In going out on her own, Natalie brought to her business close to 25 years of industry experience. She had loyal clients. The transition was meant to go smoothly. It didn’t.

Why You Can’t be All Things to All People

“I’d started off my own business with a small number of clients and as new people approached me, I kept saying yes. I thought that saying yes was the best way to build a successful business. I didn’t know until I started working with Sean that I had a unique opportunity to control both my client base and the growth of my business. Sean helped me to understand that I can’t be all things to all people and that not every potential client is going to be the right fit for me,” says Natalie.

One of the most important lessons Natalie took from Sean’s mentorship was the power of saying ‘no’.

“I didn’t realise that I could say no, to tell people that their needs did not match my areas of speciality. Sean helped me realise that sometimes the success in your business comes from the people that you say no to. I should have referred certain clients elsewhere, to someone better suited. Instead, I would tie myself in knots trying to help everybody. Being empathetic by nature means that I really care about my clients and their successes but back then, I was trying to please everyone and taking on all of their problems,” Natalie says.

Sean helped Natalie to appreciate that being more selective about her clientele was more beneficial to the longer-term success of her business. “These days I deal with people I enjoy working with and if I feel that someone is not the right fit, I tend not to continue with them. I have positive and fulfilling working relationships with clients who value my input and professional advice.”

How has Business Changed?

Natalie says she has learnt many valuable lessons from Sean, lessons she continues to implement on a daily basis.  She’s adopted the right systems and controls.

Best of all, Natalie has control of her business. She has great clients – the right clients for her. “I love to hear from them and find out what’s going on, to help them with any challenges they may be facing. I know I have a lot more positive conversations than negative ones these days which makes me so much happier.”

And back to the potential ‘people problems’ she faced in those early days, Natalie knows that one unhappy person, perhaps someone she opts to refer elsewhere, does not ruin your business or diminish your wonderful achievements to date.

“I’m really pleased with where I’m at with my business. I’ve no burning desire to grow it.”

Natalie says she’s much better at compartmentalising now and being able to leave certain issues at the door. Sean also taught her the importance of carving out time for herself. “Luckily, I have a business where I can travel and still run my business. I can answer calls and service my clients from almost anywhere which is fantastic.”

This freedom enables Natalie to follow her heart to new and exciting destinations. Travel is her passion and as a very recent empty nester, she and her husband can finally travel whenever they wish to (forget those school holiday dates!). With so much of the world to explore, that 18-20 weeks off each year means that Natalie can cover some serious ground.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to Natalie’s goals moving forward, her response comes as no surprise, ‘more of the same please.’ “When I’m home I work really hard and so, when I’m away I can have that computer time in the morning to check in with clients and then spend the rest of the day seeing fabulous things in the world.”

Why Business Coaching is Worthwhile

 “For anyone considering business coaching, I would recommend Sean highly.” Natalie says before adding, “My return on investment is immeasurable, particularly in regard to my state of mind. I can still vividly recall how overwhelmed I felt before I engaged Sean as a mentor. I can say with certainly that I would not still be in business eight years on without him.”

Natalie goes on to say, “I’m so grateful for all of the lessons I’ve learnt and whilst we’re no longer working so intensely together, I consider professional development a lifelong exercise. Technology changes as do industries as it’s wonderful to have Sean in your armoury to talk to. I will pick up the phone without hesitation for his great advice whenever I need it.”

In a case of practicing what he preaches, Sean knows he may not be the ideal fit for everyone but if he isn’t the right mentor for your business, he’ll find someone who is.

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