Game-Changing Strategies that Provide Freedom

Sean provided a much-needed lifeline and helped Stuart create a significantly better workplace. Find out why Stuart believes his investment in Sean has been paid back ten-fold.

Game-Changing Strategies that Provide Freedom

“My investment in Sean has been paid back ten-fold. We’ve created a much better workplace with a road map that gives us a clear direction. It’s been really positive.”


Stuart Pearce from Stuart Pearce Electrical

About the Business

Stuart Pearce Electrical is a domestic and commercial electrical contracting business based in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Working Relationship with Business by Design

2019 to present.


Lack of Freedom

Stuart’s primary issue was his poor work / life balance. In addition to a long working week (often 60 hours plus), nights and weekends were usually consumed by work. “Once family came along (Stuart has two children under three) he realised that something had to give. ‘I was not living the life I wanted.”

 High Stress Levels

Stuart and his team were undertaking a lot of large, deadline driven commercial jobs. The strict deadlines resulted in long hours. “We were successfully completing a lot of large commercial projects and while I couldn’t see it at the time, these projects were really impacting our teams’ stress levels,” Stuart says.

Business Growth?

SPE had plenty of work and fortunately, that had long been the case, but Stuart was torn. Whilst well aware that the business needed more staff, he was so bogged down in paperwork that it felt too daunting a task to act upon. “I wanted to put more people on and grow the business, but I was struggling to prioritise this as I was so busy being busy!”

Significant Changes & Outcomes

Setting Clear Boundaries

One of the most significant outcomes of working with Sean was introducing clear boundaries in relation to working hours. The result? Stuart has achieved his main objective. He has free time! Evenings and weekends are available for quality family time.

Stuart even has uninterrupted family holidays and the team look after business matters in his absence. Stuart says this has been a ‘game-changer.’ “You don’t realise the change straight away but looking back over the past 6 to 12 months, I can see the amazing difference it’s made to my life and to my family’s happiness. I’m no longer working those crazy hours and we’re achieving the same amount or more in less time.” Stuart says before adding, “Sean has been incredible in showing me how to achieve this.”

Changing the Target of Work

Stuart moved away from those intense, stress-inducing jobs to smaller commercial projects and domestic work that better suited his team. This resulted in more enjoyable work and a positive working environment for all. “Our guys are now under less pressure and are working far more efficiently than before.”

 Growing the Team

Stuart found just the right people. With Sean’s recruiting assistance, he added someone to oversee business admin and a support admin person to de-risk this critical role (i.e. someone to cover periods of annual leave or sick leave). This newly created administrative role covers most of the day-to-day duties that Stuart once tried to juggle at night and weekends such as booking jobs, workflow, dealing with client enquiries and invoicing.

Stuart’s Return on Investment in Business by Design

Stuart says his investment in Sean and Business by Design has been paid back ten-fold both financially and with regards to the time he’s been able to carve out for himself. He acknowledges that Stuart Pearce Electrical is now a better workplace with a definitive road map for continued success of the business.

What’s Next?

Stuart’s counting down to a three-month family break mid-year. The family of four intend to head north up the coast before tracking west to explore the Northern Territory. He welcomes the opportunity to grab hold of the freedom that he has created for himself, safe in the knowledge that his valued team will keep the business running smoothly whilst he’s away.

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