Family Farming Heritage

‘…we have now diversified our business, and feel secure about the future of both generations’

Our clients have a long standing family farming heritage which they want to continue and prosper. They hold a 1698 hectare property. In 2009 Sean Martyn started business coaching where the engagement focussed on developing and implementing a succession plan. The business had 2 main goals. Firstly, to develop the farm ensuring a high standard of production and profitability.

Secondly, to diversify into significant off farm sources of income. Through mentoring and business advice from Sean the business owners developed excellent financial and KPI reporting systems for their businesses. The farm increased in productivity as represented in the accompanying graphic. In addition the family increased their share portfolio and diversified their investments into property development, focussing on the growing market of aged care facilities.

This significant diversification in business operations has facilitated the rollout of the family succession plan providing economic security for the younger and financial freedom for the older generation.


Property Development


Family Business (2nd generation recently joined the business)


• Business coaching • Succession planning • Financial management • Strategic planning • Goal setting • Wealth Creation • Business diversification


Development of the Parkes Gardens Estate

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