B2B Services Firm

‘… I now enjoy more control over the business, better margins and much more confidence about the future’

Our client is a business services firm. When they first came to us the business was stuck and management was questioning their future direction. Over the last 12 months they have worked with us to redesign their business. We have coached them to confidently;

  • develop a new service offering tailored to the emerging needs of their customers
  • streamline existing operations with standardised procedures
  • targeted their marketing directly towards their ‘A class’ customers being more focused and responsive to this group
  • manage communications and decision making internally so there is less procrastination and more action.

The business is now thriving, as evident in the accompanying info graph. The business has greatly improvemd in all financial areas particularly net profit.


Business to Business Services


Family Business (2nd generation recently joined the business)


• Business coaching • Financial management • Strategic planning • Goal setting • Business blueprinting • Sales & marketing plan • Succession planning

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