Can your business afford to loose you?

Most businesses are able to survive a short period of time without the ‘Key Manager’.  If the key manager in your business was sick or injured could you maintain or exceed performance targets for a week? What about a month? What about a year?

What if the worst happened and the ‘key manager’ was out of action permanently – how would your business cope?

In most family businesses the loss of a key member has catastrophic effects on all facets of business – staff morale, bottom line, planned sales, client and family relationships.

So, why is it that big business can change key staff and everything still runs smoothly?

What if there was a way to ensure your business could cope with out you or a key member of your team? Would that help you sleep soundly at night?

Business blueprinting is the answer

A Business Blueprint is a detailed action plan for achieving results in your business. It documents the crucial components and processes of your business aimed at ensuring performance targets are met and risks are mitigated. In fact a well blueprinted business could be run by anyone who could follow your directions.

The key to a successful Business Blueprint is keeping it clear, concise and user friendly. A combination of policies and procedures recording your business into a blueprint could save your business from suffering at a time when you need it to perform for you.

If you are keen to set up your business to succeed without you or your key manager then contact our team at Business By Design 02 6658 0775, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss blueprinting your business.

Nikki Tomasoni


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