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Is your business eligible for $20,000 business grant?

Are you interested in growing your business?

Would you like some help?


YES? That’s great as the Australian Government is offering Business Growth Grants as part of their Entrepreneurs’ Program.


The Government will fund up to 50% of a $40K investment (they pay $20K and you pay $20K) to cover the cost of hiring an expert to help with implementing the advice and strategies recommended through the Business Evaluation, Growth Services, Supply Chain Facilitation or Tourism Partnerships program. The funds are to help you with planning, coaching and consulting support to grow your business.


To be eligible, at a minimum, you must:

  • have received a Business Evaluation Action Plan, Supplier Improvement Plan, Growth Plan, or Tourism Partnership Plan under the Entrepreneurs’ Program
  • submit your application within the eligibility time frames (typically within six months of receiving advisory services)
  • be able to fund the cost of the external service provider prior to receiving the grant.

Other eligibility requirements apply.

For more information on the Business Growth Grants click here

If you would like to work with us on this program, then reply to this email and my client success manager Nikki will contact you and help you navigate the application process. There are no guarantees but it’s worth throwing your hat in the ring.


Talk soon


Sean ‘Growth Grants’ Martyn


PS – If you know of other businesses that would be eligible, please forward this email as we are happy to help them navigate the program and connect with the EP Facilitators in our region.