Bob’s Business Bottleneck

Bob can do the work . . . but can he build a business that works?

I thought I’d share with you a story. It’s a story about Bob. He might feel strangely familiar to you. You might be like Bob . . . you have a great business, but it might be stuck in what we call a ‘Business Growth Bottleneck’ it happens to all successful businesses.

Once upon a time, a talented employee called Bob thought it was time he had a crack and headed out on his own.

He was sure his own business would make him good money and provide him with time and flexibility. As the boss he would have the freedom to spend more time with his wife and young kids and to continue doing all the other things he was passionate aboutlike sport and hobbies. He was determined to make it work and dreamed of business success.

Bob invested his own (and others) money, skills, resources and a lot of time into his business and it started to grow. There was enough money to enjoy a few luxuries around tax time. Bob began to build a team of people, he expanded and established in new markets and opened multiple sites. Everything seemed to be going well.

Bob’s family and friends thought his business was a great success and Bob was very proud of what he had achieved. After all, he had put his heart and soul into it.

But looks can be deceiving. Whilst his business was growing and he now had a large team of people under him, Bob seemed to be working harder and longer than ever before. There were real challenges in new areas, such as managing people, marketing and sales, controlling cash-flow and dealing with increasing levels of regulation and compliance.This growing business seemed to create a whole new level of complexity and challenges that didn’t seem to exist in the simpler early years.

Everyday Bob felt like he was fighting fires and often felt overwhelmed. His family was missing him as he was always at work. Bob was losing sleep, in fact he had trouble even getting to sleep because he was constantly worrying about his business. He even started to put on weight and couldn’t find time to exercise any more. The couple of relaxation drinks a week had actually become a couple every day.

Bob thought there had to be a better way, so he began to explore finding solutions to his mounting challenges. He tried professional network groups, some adhoc training courses, accountants and even motivational Gurus . . . all with mixed results. He took on their advice but struggled with implementation. There was never enough time!

One day Bob bumped into a colleague running a similar sized business who seemed to be pretty relaxed, still looked fit and was about to take 4 weeks off work for a special anniversary trip with the family. Bob couldn’t remember when he had taken more than 4 days off work.

Bob inquired and found out his friend had decided 2 years ago to invest in himself;  “I’ve got a fitness/health coach and I’ve got a business coach” he said.

His friends words resonated with him,  so Bob decided to redesign his business. He needed to find a safe pair of hands. More than just a subject matter expert, he needed an experienced adviser who understood his journey, challenges, and opportunities. He needed a dynamic and adaptable style of coaching that could be delivered in a time and format that matched what he and his team required.

What he really needed was Business By Design.

The best way to stop the pain is to get help from an experienced team. The Business By Design team knows how to support you to break-out of your growth challenges.

At Business By Design we know that every business is unique, so we provide custom built coaching and advice solutions. We may combine 1:1 coaching, group coaching, training, an online coaching platform and propriety tools and resources. All of these will help you overcome any business challenge.

What about Bob you ask?

He is it not a made-up story, he was a client of ours and now one of our many successful  case studies

By working with Business By Design, Bob saw many changes withina 2 year period. His staff grew from 6 to 40, he went from $3M to $12M in turnover and he recruited a trusted 2iC. Bob then had the freedom to move from “business operator” to an “owner/director” role. Bob now only works 3 days a week in the business. He is proudly defined as a ‘Business Owner’ and his business is at last working for him.

Business By Design has over 30 years’ experience. We know we can get you the results you want. Even if your business started by default, to grow further and scale you will need a Business By Design.



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