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Businesses often start by default, but they grow by design.


Sean Martyn from Business by Design has coached and mentored business owners and senior executives locally in Tweed Heads, across Australia and internationally since 1995, advising and helping to implement strategy and business development programs.

Working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers, Sean helps to deliver systems and tools that provide long term profit, growth and life balance. Through the coaching process, you can expect tangible and real solutions to life challenges. Sean and his team provide personalised support and stand in your corner until you succeed.

Sean recognises that having a purpose and making a profit are important, but so is have the freedom to enjoy your life. He works with you to find that balance. Coaching helps you to create long term wealth, while improving your overall health and lifestyle.

Bringing years of business and coaching experience to the table, Sean helps owners clarify their goals and create a road map to achieve them. His perspective helps owners identify and focus on the activities that will deliver the greatest reward, enabling you to work smarter, not harder. The coaching process makes you more accountable and enables you to progress faster than you would on your own.

Coaching can feel tough at times. Your long-held beliefs may be challenged. You will be given feedback you’d rather not hear. You will be held accountable for delivering on agreed plans and strategies. But herein lies the secret to personal and business growth.

If you want a business partner to develop you personally and professionally and enable you to realise ambitious business goals, then get in touch.

What People Say

Murray Binet

BINET Constructions

Sean cost me less than a first year apprentice and he has helped me double my turnover and triple my profit…most apprentices won’t do that!

Nigel & Kate Kerin

Kerin Ag

Sean is a strong, systems-focussed character who is very knowledgeable on a range of subject areas that impact small business. He is an excellent communicator and a captivating educator. One of Sean’s great attributes is being able to identify the weak link in a business, and the processes needed to address this. He brought accountability...

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Benjamin Davoren

Tacmed Australia

The business leaders forum was a stimulating, informative and empowering workshop. I feel like my ideas have been recharged, my passion boosted and my tool kit has been increased. Highly recommended it you are a self starter looking for a competitive edge.

Fiona Jeff

Quality Accounting

I would suggest engaging Sean as a coach/mentor if you are feeling like you are working too hard in your business and feeling like you need a fresh approach to the way you operate your business.  If you have concerns about productivity and whether your business is operating in the most efficient manner.  If you...

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