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How long till business coaching has a positive impact?

I am often asked  . . . how long does it take for your business coaching to have an impact? Tom & Amber Donoghue can answer that question.


G’day. Sean Martyn from Business By Design. I’m just here with Tom and Amber Donoghue … New clients, and we’ve just finished our second meeting. I’m going to get them just to do a quick summary of their wins for the month. Pretty impressive given they’ve only been operating for 30 days in our new business improvement process.

We really saw a massive change in our staff culture. We’re only a small team at this point, but just implementing some of the tools that we learnt with Sean in terms of daily huddles, weekly meetings … We saw a massive rise in the staff wanting to perform. And. wanting to be there. Coming into work early, for a start.

Yeah, yeah. In just a couple of weeks.

Oh, days. Literally days.

Very rarely you see that. So, that’s great.

All right?

Look, I found the fit for purpose mindset is great for me in making sure that I’m not just sitting there on the same job for an extended period of time when it wasn’t required, and just getting jobs out. It’s all about productivity. Using the tools that Sean’s given us, it’s pushed us to make decisions that we knew we needed to make, and now we’ve implemented them. And, we’ve met with the sub-contractor and got her on board, which is really good. It gives our business that edge in the specialist targeting work that we really want to take on.

All right.

We’ve also confirmed that we need to employ a graduate valuer, so that’s something we’ve danced around for-

A couple of years.

… two years?

And the purpose behind that is?

Is to free time up.

Yeah, leverage.

Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

Yeah, great.

So, that’s been great to move us along in that process.

Big decision in just a couple of weeks.


Yeah, good.

What else have we been doing? Just some … I guess some physical change in the office, so some reshuffling-

So, redesign the layout.

Yeah, which I think will also add to the culture. We’ve got a really nice work space. We’ve renovated the big old building, and I think it’s just pushing us to finalize those-

What would you say to somebody else who might be thinking about working with Nikki and I in Business By Design, and they’re really wondering whether or not it’s worth the time and investment and the effort?

We highly recommend it. It’s like momentum … You can’t beat it. We feel we’re going to hit the ground running next week, and

I’m looking forward to Monday morning. I’ve never looked forward to Monday morning much.

I love Monday mornings. But, look, it’s the best value for money. And I know that it

Sounds cliché,

… We knew where we needed to go. We just couldn’t get to that next level, and Sean’s helping us get there,

And Nikki.

And Nikki, of course. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, guys. Thanks very much. Great for the feedback.

Thank you.

Thanks, Sean. Okay. . . [end]


Like a drop in the ocean the ripple effect of business coaching can have a great impact is a very short time. At Business By Design is not just about transforming your business. The skills and habits you learn and apply will transform your life too.

Sean ‘Positive Impact’ Martyn


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