Are you an Authentic Leader?

In business and society for that matter, we need good leaders to guide us and make the essential big- decisions that keep the world moving. 

All it takes to be a “leader”, in title at least, is to hold the dominant position in a group or organisation and have some followers. However, this is a very simplified definition of leadership.


What is the measure of a great leader?

Great leadership has much less to do with how you define the role and more about the impact one’s leadership has on others.

When you’re trying to determine the components of a great leader, it’s easy to fall-back on certain terms we commonly associate with leadership — words like assertive, inspirational and confident.

But what about being “authentic”?

While the idea of authentic leadership is not a new concept — it has its roots in Ancient Greek philosophy, which posited that authenticity is an important state of being and enables you to control your own destiny — it can certainly feel like a novel component of leadership today. Given the speed of change and the need to keep a business agile, controlling your destiny and that of your business seems too limited.

Nowadays, great leaders are authentic leaders, because of their adaptability and inclusiveness. This is the key insight in the recently released ‘Mindshop 2020 The Authentic Leader Report’.

Business By Design in collaboration with Mindshop International surveyed hundreds of global business leaders on what is needed to achieve higher leadership performance moving into the new decade. The report highlights 10 specific leadership attributes at are essential to authentic leadership and provides a quick guide on how to improve performance and raise your authentic leader status.

You can download the report here:

The report also holds great insights on the impact and ability of leaders to adapt to change. Constant change is the new norm, and if controlling your destiny is a pre-requisite of authentic leaders it is not surprising to find that business leaders are increasingly feeling considerable time pressures and a need to find creative ways to achieve more with less. An outcome of the report is 5 practical strategies to help leaders achieve their targets this year: 

1.       Identify a theme in 2020

2.       Seeking alignment rather than perfection

3.       Slowing down to speed up with a focus on less is more

4.       Getting things done by being more productive rather than busy

5.       Simplifying complexity can reduce barriers to change

To ensure long-term happiness and productivity from your team, it’s critical you demonstrate a higher level of authenticity as a leader. An Authentic Business Leader that shows you lead for today and tomorrow.

Of the 10 specific attributes of an Authentic Leader what are your top three leadership priorities for 2020?

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