Artists can be bad for business


Today we might be referring to you as an “Artist”, not in the sense that you are someone who creates paintings, drawings or works in the entertainment industry, but as someone who is highly skilled at a particular task or occupation. You know someone who is a Master at their trade or profession.

Being a master professional or business artist is a great compliment. However, it can be bad for business. Especially if the owner remains the master of their technical skills. This can severely hinder your whole company’s performance and potential for growth.

To a certain extent, all of us are perfectionists when it comes to our business and reputation.

We want things done a certain way

We want things done the CORRECT way


Business Artists often find themselves saying things like . . . others just can’t get the job done quite the way I want or it’s just not to my standard . . .

Often the Business Artist finds it easier and faster to roll up their sleeves and do it themselves.


Does this sound like you?

Are you the artist in your business that has become the supreme multi-tasker that handles everything? I mean you are on the pulse of every single thing!

The problem is, if you take a close look at the real overall progress, tasks are getting done at a very slow rate, high pay off tasks are delayed for less valuable activity. Your stuck in the day to day and business is not growing as fast as it could or should.

Then to make it worse your team members are helpless. These tasks have become too specialist within your own terms and you don’t have time to train your team or document the tasks which allow for standard operations, just the way you like it to be done!

As a result, the business cannot operate or grow without you . . . YOU ARE the business.

There is a way out of this mess, which requires a shift in perception and the acknowledgement that . . . What may seem slow is actually fast . . .

In other words, you need to stop and follow my tips



1. Acknowledge the problem: You can’t let go of the ‘Artist’ until you recognise that your inner artist is ‘bad for business growth’. You will continue to struggle with too much to do, not enough time or money and sleepless nights until you embrace that you are part of the problem. Once you have got your head around that challenge move to step # 2 ????

2. Empower your people: Within your team identify the tasks and the team member to develop (find your rising stars). They will need to have important factors – your trust & capability to do the job. So, develop a plan to delegate the tasks and move to step #3

3. Standard Operating Procedures: Before you start handing over tasks especially those ‘Artistry Tasks’ you need to record the steps you take to complete the task to your specifications. I recommend using our SOP template. You will need to spend a little more time recording the steps taken whilst doing a task and include where to source the info etc. Video recording complex tasks can also help. This is the slow part, but will make all the difference and speed up step #4

4. Start Training: The next step is to take the SOP templates you develop and give them to your team to execute. This is where perfecting a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) takes place. There will be mistakes, that is to be expected during learning, however taking the time to skill your team and testing your procedures will ultimately free your time and will move you towards a scaleable business model (the fast part).


Now making this shift is not easy and I have worked with may business owners and managers to build a ‘Blueprint’ for operating their business, which is the culmination of SOP’s across all facets of your operation. If you take the time to build the system the results are amazing.

You’ll have more time and resources to take on new business opportunities

You’ll have an empowered team you can rely on

You’ll have a business that is scaleable and saleable

You’ll be the leader and true ‘Business Owner’

and most importantly, you’ll have more personal time to enjoy life.

Don’t be the artist, be the business owner


Sean Martyn


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