5 industry bottlenecks to break

In a recent  Harvard Business Review article five general industry bottlenecks or constraints were detailed along with specific examples of how companies changed the game in their industry. There are some great tools, thoughts and important questions for finding the X Factor – that 10 – 100x advantage over the competition . . . The 5 bottlenecks:

  1. An outdated customer experience
  2. Superfluous expense categories
  3. Customer-borne risk
  4. Disengaged employees
  5. Negative externalities

So to truly comprehend the bottlenecks and how to overcome them take 3 minutes to scan the Harvard Business Review Article, it includes a chart with a set of key questions for each bottleneck. Why not discuss this important article at your next meetings. All you have to do is identify and “change the game” in ONE of these areas.


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