Are you consistently exposed?

Marketing exposure for your business is crucial…

So how do you go about ensuring your business is being seen by the right people.

It’s something we all worry about, right?


In our FaceBook Group – Business By Design Hub we have been discussing marketing and how you must be visible to those who are interested and have the potential to spend with you, or your business is at risk.

Whilst it’s critical to get this right, thankfully marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

The marketing principles of decades ago still apply today.


There are two key elements:


The first element is consistency.

It’s easy to get caught up with the next shinny thing, but the downside is we jump from one thing to another without doing any ‘one thing’ consistently, or therefore effectively.

This doesn’t allow any momentum to build.

Consistency is easily the number one key to more exposure.

If you’re not being seen frequently by your target audience, your results will suffer.

On any given day only 3% of you market is in a ready to buy state, the other 97% are transitioning from stone cold, through warm to red hot!

Your marketing must be like the heat on the stove top bringing prospects slowly and consistently to the boil. Turn down the heat or turn on another burner and the momentum is lost and more energy (read $$$) are required to get clients back to the same point in you marketing/sales pipeline.


The second element is getting the right exposure.

Are you clear on who your target audience is and where is the best place to reach them?

Where are those people that have the greatest potential to buy from you?

The lion doesn’t hunt on the plains, but instead sets an ambush at the waterhole, that why he’s the apex predator. It’s not because he’s the biggest or fastest (although that’s got to help!) . . . it’s because he is the smartest.

All too often I see spray and pray marketing and I cringe because I know it’s mostly hitting the wrong people which leads businesses to change tact (lack of consistency) and start again which often creates an expensive negative feedback loop.


Now if you find yourself stuck in a negative marketing feedback loop then maybe it is time to stop and get some help . . . simply book a ‘Game Plan Kick Off Call’ with my Client Success Manager – Nikki, she is great at working out how we can best help you.


At Business By Design we talk all the time about 5 key exposure channels

Exposure through our partners, our networks, our social platforms, being live and leveraged into other people’s networks and re-targeting people who are already interested in whatever it is you do.

So, ask yourself now.


“How am I getting consistent  marketing exposure to my target audience today?”


Sean ‘Consistently Exposed’ Martyn


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