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Over two decades working across a diverse range of industries, Sean Martyn has become the Mid North Coast’s most experienced and respected business consultant, coach and trainer.

A specialist in the “art of business”, he has successfully helped business owners in varying stages of the business lifecycle: from start up, to established national or global brand to multi-generational family business.

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Murray Binet

BINET Constructions

Sean cost me less than a first year apprentice and he has helped me double my turnover and triple my profit…most apprentices won’t do that!

Nigel & Kate Kerin

Kerin Ag

Sean is a strong, systems-focussed character who is very knowledgeable on a range of subject areas that impact small business. He is an excellent communicator and a captivating educator. One of Sean’s great attributes is being able to identify the weak link in a business, and the processes needed to address this. He brought accountability...

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Benjamin Davoren

Tacmed Australia

The business leaders forum was a stimulating, informative and empowering workshop. I feel like my ideas have been recharged, my passion boosted and my tool kit has been increased. Highly recommended it you are a self starter looking for a competitive edge.

Fiona Jeff

Quality Accounting

I would suggest engaging Sean as a coach/mentor if you are feeling like you are working too hard in your business and feeling like you need a fresh approach to the way you operate your business.  If you have concerns about productivity and whether your business is operating in the most efficient manner.  If you...

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Sarah Furney

Ben Furney Flour Mills

The ultimate measure of Sean’s impact is that within 8 weeks of employing Sean I was confronted with the challenge of needing to take maternity leave as CEO. I can now say that as result of the change’s we have instigated together in the following 6 months, I am now confident in my management teams...

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Gareth Shipperlee

Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The management team of the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce asked Sean Martyn to speak at our monthly chamber gathering. We found Sean’s presentation enlightening and entertaining. It created a positive disturbance among the participants at the event, which I am aware lead to immediate actions by some of these attendees. If you are looking...

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With Sean’s coaching, business owner’s start working “on the business” with confidence. Many aspects of the business start to change, from people management to systems to customer focus. Invariably the result is business growth and improved profitability. Here are a few examples:



Farming Industry

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Professional Service Industry

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B2B Services Industry

Net profit over 12 months

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