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Why you need a Genius Day x 52

Let’s face it we are all good at certain things and not so great (at times shockingly bad) at others. If you could spend 100% of your time working in your genius, life & work would be amazing.

But it is not possible to be in genius 100%, which is why it’s important to lock in time and create a Genius Day if you really want to excel in your business.


What is a Genius Day? . . . I hear you ask

A Genius Day is when you spend the majority of your time focusing on what makes you great at work.   So instead of spending time on tasks that are peripheral or simply don’t count when you consider the main purpose of your business, you give your full attention to the things that you’re an expert in and that really matter.

By doing this you focus on the tasks that create the highest payoff (the biggest bang for your time) – something that’s critical if you want to move your business forward and grow.

All of this might sound obvious, but the reality is most of us have weeks peppered with genius time instead of creating a big block where you give your strengths a good workout.

In order to make the most of your key areas of expertise, it’s critical to schedule a Genius Day in your calendar. Then you need to plan and prepare, so that it happens. This means blocking time out in your schedule to focus on what makes you great in your job, and then doing the donkey work upfront so that you can give your genius day 100% commitment.

For example, if you’re great at sales and business development, block a day out in your calendar to focus on calling and meeting with clients.  Or if you are great at marketing, block a day out to focus on content writing or your next campaign.

Having a genius day once a week forces you to plan ahead of time, and focus on what you’re really good at instead of wasting time on distractions.  By doing this you’ll enjoy a significant increase in productivity, and when you do more of what makes you great it’s a lot easier to build a successful business.

Why not spend some time now planning your genius day every week . . . yes x52, block it in your calendar, and get organised so that you have everything you need to make that day each week a great one!


Not sure what your ‘Genius’ is?


Download The Genius Definer to help you identify your genius. If you are struggling to work out how you can grow the business you love?  Then your next step is easy – book a 15 minute call with me and I’ll get you unstuck, fast.  What have you got to lose?


Sean Martyn